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Holistic Personal Training
Holistic Personal Training
Holistic Personal Training
Holistic Personal Training
Holistic Personal Training
Welcome to your FITNESS JOURNEY! 
Your future is created by what you do today. Take good care of your body, because it's the only place you have to live. No matter what condition you are in, we can structure a programme for progress. Eat right, train wise, sweat through, rest well...


  • We will draw on an extensive range of training techniques to fit your specific needs;
    to keep your training interesting

  • We can use equipment or just your body. We ensure efficiency rather than
    just putting in the time

  • You will learn how to workout rather than just be supervised


Start today, we will set your goals and work towards them. But I have to warn you: 
Exercise has been known to cause HEALTH and HAPPINESS! 


You will not be on your own. Your coach will support you along the path to achieving your goals.


Step 1 - Set goals

Step 2 - Make a plan

Step 3 - Work on it

Step 4 - Stick to it

Step 5 - Enjoy the results!

Primitive Training
Prmitive Training
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